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Sochiku Co., Ltd - Kabuki

SHINTA VR creates a virtual art platform named Kabuki (Japan).

Sochiku Co., Ltd - Kabuki


Kabuki is an artistic performance that contains visual and motion elements. Sochiku Co., Ltd, Japan, initiated this project.

The Challenge

This project must be presented during the COVID-19 pandemic and can be accessed multi-devices online. The main thing is how the immersive technology can express cultural aspects (Japan) represented in visual and motion elements of Kabuki performance. 

Our Solution

SHINTA VR creates a virtual art platform that prioritizes visual interactive Augmented Reality experiences named Kabuki (Japan). As an immersive technology-based art, audiences may have a look at Kabuki via smartphones. The prominent features are the interactive AR experience of Kabuk, aesthetic visualization, new art experience, and dramatic visual performance.

イマーシブ テクノロジーについて話したいですか?


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