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Antovany Reza: SHINTA VR’s Contribution for Metaverse Ecosystem in Indonesia

Fordigi held Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023 on Wednesday, 18 January 2023, with the theme “Be Ready to Enter Metaverse World”. This event is the largest and most prestigious gathering featuring Metaverse. The core of the Fordigi program is divided into two sessions: Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussion. Antovany Reza (Chief Evangelist SHINTA VR) and Noudhy Valdryno (Public Policy Manager Meta) became the first discussion panel on “How to Face the Future Trends of Metaverse”. Sasti Hapsari served as the moderator.

Sasti asked about the critical trends for Metaverse in 2023. Reza responded, “If we want to see trends, we must understand that (Metaverse) is an ecosystem. We need to explain Metaverse as just a trend. However, we at SHINTA VR have talked about Metaverse for six years. Now we can also see changes in people’s behaviour through SHINTA VR products so far,” SHINTA VR products have become the supporting tools to enter the world of Metaverse as our previous contribution.

Next, Reza explained the transformation that Metaverse could manifest in everyday life. Reza gave an analogy of technological developments from time to time. “If we look at the internet in the past, Web 1.0 was one-way, in Web 2.0 we interacted in 2 dimensions, then in Web 3.0, there was leverage with decentralized platforms,” Web. 3.0 is the universe of Metaverse, where power distribution applies to users, not just to platform administrators, as in Web 2.0. Ten years ago, said Reza, we were reluctant to install internet at home, but nowadays, we can only live with the internet.

The discussion got even more exciting when Reza and Valdryno discussed the industry’s preparations for stepping into Metaverse. According to Valdryno, “There are three things as the preparations, namely ecosystem, content, and infrastructure.” Meanwhile, for Reza, three main things are leading up to this phase: research, planning, and identification. Reza based his statement on the stages of Metaverse that SHINTA VR has been preparing so far. “So, we at SHINTA VR are trying to bring immersive technology into a more practical use,” said Reza.

In Q & A session, a viewer asked how to define an audience and explain a Metaverse project to potential clients. Many young people today are busy playing games, while the older generation is no longer possible. In response to that, Reza responded, “We have to be flexible. Our identification may only sometimes be right on the first decision. It can change,” In other words, Metaverse demands that we become more adaptive individuals. “So, we have to be agile about it, can’t be rigid,” Reza concluded.

Anton’s question concluded the conversation between Reza and Valdryno, which lasted 40 minutes. What can be deduced from the panel discussion “How to Face the Future Trends of Metaverse” is that Metaverse is inevitable, so we must have dedication, intention, and the will to start it. Now is the right time for business people in Indonesia to determine the direction of their business towards immersive technology. Metaverse will be a new profitable channel for the industry. Metaverse is an absolute certainty.

SHINTA VR thanked to Fordigi (Forum Digital Indonesia) for holding the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023 at the Smart Auditorium, Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta. With this spectacular activity, SHINTA VR is even more optimistic about welcoming Indonesian people into Metaverse.

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