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Developing Virtual Fine Art in Metaverse

Modern fine art development in Indonesia has risen since more is known about the historical progress of a legendary painter, Raden Saleh, who studied his painting skills in Europe. Through that means, modern fine art shows its potential for cross-cultural interaction. Nowadays, the potencies like that are in Metaverse. In Metaverse, various virtual fine arts are evolving and reached their optimization. Slowly but surely, Indonesia has particular participation in it.

One of the virtual fine arts which many people widely discussed is NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). Fine arts are entering the next evolvement. NFT is immediately converting concepts and practices from the distribution of modern fine arts at the moment. Fundamentally, NFT is considered as a digital asset that can only be owned by one person. Because of its two-dimentional virtual appearance, NFT also can be considered as digital fine arts that becomes a new platform for collection media.

What is Virtual Fine Art?

Metaverse is a capable technological innovation which relies on Virtual Reality (VR) technology to presents 3D virtual world. The unique thing is that the Metaverse allows the users to create environment, character, building, and painting virtually. In fact, the fine art definition referes to a branch of art that forms works of art with media that can be caught by the eye and felt by touch. While virtual fine art is work of arts that can be expressed through virtual world by VR tools that become the link.

However, some people feel confused toward the differences between virtual fine arts and digital fine arts. Virtual fine arts come in a 3D form which which produces an immersive impression for art connoisseurs. On the contrary, digital fine art is only shown in 2D appearance, even though it is categorizedin modern fine art. In results, realistic existences yet the Metaverse users’ connection impact toward virtual fine arts are more intense. Those significant differences become the best potencies for artists to customize the configuration of fine art in Metaverse. The configurations cover s dynamic experiences and multi-sensory for art connoisseur.

In conclusion, virtual fine arts in Metaverse are representing an offer towards art world advancement that free the users to create, interact, and aprreciate work of arts with a fresh way. Moreover, the virtual fine arts in Metaverseare come in many forms; sclupture, painting, avatar, even environment. It also open some new opportunities for new expressions of fine art, including realistic immersive experiences. The Metaverse technology innovation becomes a form of innovative interest that builds the future of the art landscape.

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