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Digital Identity: How Metaverse Maintains Your Privacy

When we are talking about Metaverse technological innovation, there will be numerous questions. One of them is a question regarding the data and privacy of Metaverse’s users digital identity. In the era when Metaverse is a developing technology, the users’ digital identity can be absolutely handled through SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity). One thing that is difficult to avoid is crime that inevitably accompanies the development of technological sophistication, including the Metaverse.

Risks and Reasons Maintaining Digital Privacy

We can find the concept of digital identity in our daily life as technology users.This identity permeates all categories of information on the internet that occur in its movement, such as social media activities, e-commerce transactions, and participation in forums. That is the digital identity that all this time has been happening every day, every second. However, at the same time, Metaverse also provides digital identity that is translated in the form of avatar or virtual characters.

Avatar directly becomes a private character which represents that each user is participating in the virtual world of Metaverse. Therefore, the security of digital identity privacy is needed. Criminal acts in the Metaverse can certainly result in the loss of personal information which can lead to personal blackmail from users. At least, this bad thing could happen if Metaverse is not equipped with specific security and safeguards for its users' digital privacy.

How Metaverse Maintain It

Now, controlling digital footprints is a provision that is almost impossible and complex to put into practice, just as difficult to implement normatively. Even through its advancement, Metaverse catches more specific movements of the users rather than the users themselves. SSI directly becomes one major solution for Metaverse to maintain the users’ digital identity. A concept based on blockchain technology that allows individuals to fully control their private data and information.

Besides, a step that Metaverse applies to maintain the users’ digital privacy is comprehensive admissions program design. By applying so, the users can have the freedom to allow or not allow Metaverse to access their data. This implementation will lead to the prevention of data collection and manipulation without direct user consent.

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