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Game Design & Development: Opportunities, Challenges, Career

Julio Andryanto: Between Business and Enjoyment

Regarding celebrating the 3rd iEDTalk Webinar, SHINTA VR and MilleaLab invites Julio Andryanto, a Game Developer, to present ideas between business and enjoyment in the game industries. On 24 June 2023, this online webinar was held with the enthusiasm of 111 participants attended. Julio Andryanto introduces himself as someone who realized his dreams through hobbies. His excitement about video games has motivated him to explore more profound on the game industry. One day, Julio Andryanto initiated Dreams Studio.

As CEO and Product Manager of Dreams Studio, Julio Andryanto mentioned two keywords in the game: game design and development. Those two things play an equally important role. Julio said, “Game design and game development is two different things. Game design is designing experiences delivered to the player: conceptualization, gameplay, story, and narratives, UI and UX. Meanwhile, game development includes programming, art and assets, audio, testing and bug fixing, etc.” Whatever the category is, a game creation should have its own design and development process.

According to Julio Andryanto, game creation is divided into two categories: business and enjoyment. “Some people can merely create a game; some create it for business,” said Julio Andryanto. Furthermore, he stated that indie game development had opened new opportunities for small teams or even indie developer to release their game. “Indie games are no less interesting than big companies game. Even big publishers do not guarantee game iterations,” Julio Andryanto continued. Not only Indie Game Development but a community also can be connected in reaching career opportunities in the industry.

What will the next in 10 years?

The absence of a gap other than economic capital shows that open access to developing technology has been proven to support the gaming industry, especially digital distribution platforms such as Steam, GOG, Google Play, Apple Store, etc. The indie game businessmen had equal capabilities to compete in quality with well-known big companies. Regarding technology access openness, Julio Andryanto predicts the graphic of game industry advancement in the following decades. “In the next 10 years, AI technology will fully help the game production process. Besides the ready global market, self-publishing is easy too,” said him.

Find the Demand Purposes in the Game Industry

Several challenges exist as opportunities can be realized, including in-game creation. Julio Andryanto says, “As business, we need to find the demand purposes in the game industry. We should compete in product quality. A big market cannot guarantee a successful game business that we run. Because there is market saturation which is various game option in the market,” said Julio. Finally, first-time user experience becomes a challenge in the competition of showing game developer creativity.

Apart from the game quality, a significant increment in game creation is also one of the challenges. “The increasing cost of game development has rised due to complex graphic and immersive experiences. So the budget is needed is lot more,” said Julio Andryanto. The last challenge for Julio is technological advancement. “The rapid advancement of technology presents opportunities and challenges for the gaming industry. We should do some research to learn the new technologies and its estimation. Make it as simple as possible, then publish it. The feedback will follow,” he continued. That feedback will make a game business person grow more prominent because immersive user experiences need to be prioritized.

Carrier Opportunities in the Game Industry

Regarding this challenge, Julio Andryanto mentions carrier opportunities in the game industry dynamics, such as Entry-Level Positions, Specialized Roles, Mid-Level Positions, and Management & Leadership. “Actually, the game industry is dynamic. It needs innovative and creative to read the market that is always change every time. Therefore, just make a game that can make user remember the experiences,” said Julio Andryanto. A Q & A session is closing the 3rd iEDTalk Webinar, and the participants are enthusiastic about asking because the game industry and its production is that wide.

“A game that could attract many people is a game that is not experimental in the first step of business of game industry. Hold some market research, for example see the trend in Play Store top chart,” closed Julio Andryanto. Technological advancement has significantly increased the game industry in the last decades. However, due to reach the game industry world, which is continuous, we should pass challenges through intensive research. At the end of the day, games can be enjoyable, yet business. Julio Andryanto has proved it through Dreams.

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