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Immersive Relevance of Metaverse in Sword Art Online

As we know, Metaverse is a personification of developing technological innovation based on Virtual Reality (VR), which offers 3D immersive experiences to a wide society. The representation of Metaverse advancement in serving virtual activities has also been translated into various media, including anime. One anime that reflects the impact of excessive VR usage is Sword Art Online (SAO). SAO strongly relates to Metaverse as an interesting reference for the developing portrayal.

Sword Art Online is set in fictional Tokyo when 10,000 people use VR to play an online game in a Metaverse world. SAO, an anime adaptation of a novel by Reki Kawahara, is an upholding depiction of the realistic Metaverse future. The players are glad until a nightmare comes. They are trapped in Metaverse and can only log out from the game if they succeed in finishing 100 levels. Even though SAO is said to exaggerate the realistic experiences of VR usage, the fact can be a reference for users to avoid excessive use of VR.

VR tools advancements in SAO

VR tools advancements in SAO allow the players to control their virtual characters via the brain. Furthermore, if their characters are killed in the game, their real bodies will also be killed. As a result, many people wonder if VR technology, such as SAO, will be in the future. Metaverse provides freedom for its users to create virtual spaces as they want. However, there will always be regulations, rules, etc., to maintain users’ peace and prevent cybercrime.

Nevertheless, we should remember that entering the Metaverse with excessive time can result in nausea, dizziness, and even the loss of our real world, the same as in SAO’s story. VR technological innovation is still a competition in the real world for well-known companies, including Indonesia. SHINTA VR, one of the Indonesian immersive technology pioneers, becomes a real depiction of how VR-based immersive technology can be utilized in various aspects of our lives. One of SHINTA’s VR products that moves into the entertainment domain is Virtual Character System (VCS).

3D Virtual Characters by SHINTA VR

SHINTA VR initiates VCS as a product to create 3D virtual characters that can be utilized in many directions in our lives. Mira is one of VCS’s creations that becomes a virtual assistant. Mira is a virtual character for Mitsubishi who is used as an assistant and customer service representative for customers. VCS also became significant in developing popular Virtual YouTubers, including Maya Putri.

VR technology will have several significant positive impacts. it can use as much as possible, according to the portion used. The realistic existence that Metaverse offers for the users cannot be a whole input that we can swallow rawly. SAO’s relevance toward Metaverse technology’s portrayal is realistic, yet it becomes our reminder to limit our playtime. On the other hand, in the real world, SHINTA VR proves that appropriate VR usage is when the technology can have positive immersive impacts for all people.

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