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SHINTA VR x FORDIGI 2023 | Be Ready to Enters The Metaverse World

After the Indonesian Digital Forum (FORDIGI) inauguration on April 14, 2022, by Erick Tohir, Minister of State Owned Enterprises, FORDIGI started 2023 with great activity, namely the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2022. This activity aims to increase awareness and understanding of BUMN companies regarding the Metaverse. Present as a partner of the Ministry of SOEs, FORDIGI’s activities on the upcoming Wednesday, January 18, 2023, are collaborating with SHINTA VR to provide education about the Metaverse.

FORDIGI raised the topic of Metaverse in the event because it refers to the notion that emerging technology played the most vital role in industrial modernization in recent years and the future. Metaverse technology is believed to help better transform state-owned companies. The transformation in technology will likely encourage state-owned companies to compete in the current Digital Era.

One of the most popular talks about and developed new technologies is the Metaverse. In summary, Metaverse combines several technological elements, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and video, in the form of an imaginative and virtual replica of the universe. Integrating these three technologies allows users to be in a digital replica world called Metaverse.

Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023

The Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023 will be held in a hybrid manner at The Telkom Hub Jakarta and divided into a main session and two discussion sessions. In the main session, Andes Rizky, Managing Director of SHINTA VR, will present material about the Metaverse and related projects that SHINTA VR is developing after exploring material from Dr. ing. Ilham Akbar Habibie, M.B.A, as Head of the Implementation Team for the National Information & Communication Technology Council, and Beatrix as Head of Division IV – Digital Technology Adaptation. In addition, there will be material from Syaiful Hidayat from EVP Telkom and Indrawan Nugroho as CEO of CIAS.

The first discussion session will focus on “How to Face the Future Trends of Metaverse?” This discussion session will hear presentations from Antovany Reza as Chief Evangelist SHINTA VR and Noudhy Valdryno as representatives from Meta. Meanwhile, the second discussion session focused on “Metaverse: The Next Challenge for Young Generation,” which was filled in by Ery Punta from EVP Telkom and representatives from BRI.

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