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Taking Part in Metaverse Company: Skills You Need to Have

Nowadays, various emerging industries which move statically in conventional fields are transforming. They are shifting towards the all-digital era, especially Metaverse. The number of technology companies that leap into Metaverse is occasionally increasing. Consequently, some groups of people can see the future of immersive technology Metaverse, even deciding to dive into it.

Metaverse is a fundamentally 3D virtual world: an environment where the users can interact with their avatars in real-time without being limited to time and space. SHINTA VR, an immersive technology company from Indonesia, is proving its persistence by contributing to the first Metaverse in Indonesia, RansVerse. In realizing RansVerse, SHINTA VR has great people who merge their skills.

Besides industries’ impact, people’s skills also adapt to technological advancement. There are a lot of occupations that finally appeared to achieve the maximum point of Metaverse technology’s utilization. One of the skills required to participate in Metaverse company is 3D modeling and design.

3D modeling and design are essential in providing a 3D environment like the real world. Concept plans, prototypes, and virtual world designs for the users to explore and interact in Metaverse are designed through 3D modeling and design skill.

The programmer is the second skill needed to be a part of Metaverse company. The programmer position is no longer strange in this modern era when technology has become a part of our lives. A programmer is essentially the one who runs the Metaverse system development with various programming languages. The creation and features testing in Metaverse are realized because of the programmer.

The third skill is blockchain/NFT engineering. Metaverse environment provides everything virtually so that the transaction is also done virtually. Blockchain engineering is a skill that creates all transactions in Metaverse realized through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology itself consists of a series of blocks composed like a chain.

The last skill to take a role in Metaverse technology is data skill. Information and data are base builders of the digital world as Metaverse. Data skills will help data and information collection of the Metaverse users and be analyzed. The evaluation will be an update for Metaverse users’ experiences. At the end of the day, Metaverse users are the ones who experience the impact of sophisticated technologies through people’s various skills in Metaverse company.

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