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SHINTA VR is a Global Technology Company

We deliver innovations of immersive technology products for the greater good.

Our Culture

We are a company that is moved by great purposes. We invest in growth and the future of the brightest youth. We really do care about people and culture. That’s why we make it open and fair—so you can have voices that always be heard and merits that always be rewarded.

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Company Snapshot



VR Content and Software Company (Global Technology Company)


Company Size

50 – 100 Employees

and 1 - 20 Interns


Dress Code

 Casual (e.g. T-Shirt)

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Working Hours

Regular Hours 09.00 – 18.00,

Monday – Friday

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Working Location

Hybrid WFO



Spoken (Bahasa Indonesia

& English), Written (English)

We're developing content and creating Virtual Reality and Metaverse application with a current workforce of around
70-100 employees.

We believe good technology is the technology that can be impactful to society. We always invite more people to be involved in manifesting immersive technology projects.


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Ecosystem for passionate young people with a global vision of immersive technology's impacts.



Career for a precise understanding of technology industry and professional opportunities.

Perks of being in SHINTA VR

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 Key Objective Driven

Work in the office at best. Work from home's available for excepetions.

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Global Acknowledgment

Established since 2016 and accomplished many international projects.

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Wide-Ranging Business

Becoming part of future regional and international mega partnerships.

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Customary Insurance

The official guarantee: Health insurance and occupational safety.

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Productive Teamwork

Willingness to learn other's value with motivations and collaborations.

Wanna talk about immersive technology? Our products are
already set.

Fill out any questions you want to ask. We'll service yours.


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