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Faculty of Nursing, University Indonesia

SHINTA VR cooperates with the Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia, empowering interactive nursing practices.

Faculty of Nursing, University Indonesia


As one of the significant top universities in Indonesia, the Faculty of Nursing (Universitas Indonesia) needs to innovate for practical purposes and empower interactive nursing practices.

The Challenge

Practicing medical simulations to implement immersive technology in healthcare services.

Our Solution

Creating the easiest way for nurses to practically demonstrate, such as a role-play simulation and a scenario of actual situation-based. Solutions we facilitate are Tools & Equipment Preparation, Checking Vital Signs for wound treatment, Digital Tablet Interaction, Pop Out Educational Video on Object Interaction, Real-time Simulation & Assessment, Tutorial & Practice Mode, and Participant PoV (Oculus Rift S) & Assessor PoV (PC). 

Wanna talk about immersive technology?

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