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Kadence International

SHINTA VR develops a complete Virtual Reality Platform for Kadence International.

Kadence International


Kadence innovates by choosing Virtual World as a medium for conducting the platform for research. The platform shows marketplace research conclusions on customers inexpensively without additional costs.

The Challenge

Analyzing customer behavior and creating any scenario in the store using VR platform technology. This platform is useful for conducting customer behavior research without spending a lot of investment and time. 

Our Solution

A complete Virtual Reality Platform for analyzing customer behavior in the mini markets and supermarket stores. The researcher can make their scenario to create shelves and put products. After that researcher can analyze the result using a heat map and also ‘time to pick up’ calculation. Core features: Movement and Eye-Tracking, Virtual Token/Money, Virtual Shopping Experience, Adjustable Product Positioning and Scenario, Heatmap and Data Analytics. 

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