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SHINTA VR initiates Vocational VR Training for Heavy Equipment Mechanics held by KEMNAKER.



Ministry of Manpower (KEMNAKER) needs to innovate Vocational VR Training for Heavy Equipment Mechanics of Indonesia to accelerate training job seekers to improve their skills in the mechanics of Heavy Equipment (PC200-8M0 Excavator).

The Challenge 

Training Center (Balai Pelatihan) of the Ministry of Manpower focuses on Heavy Equipment only available in Samarinda, East Borneo. Meanwhile, the need for Heavy Equipment training is in high demand. Now there are more than 200 Training Centers throughout Indonesia. By applying the innovative method, the Ministry of Manpower can optimize budgets and save time. Hopefully, the method will accommodate other Training Centers in every region.

Our Solution

Creating a virtual version of the Training Center (Balai Pelatihan) to cost and time efficiently. With that goal, we facilitate training in several regions virtually. Our solutions contain Tutorial Mode & Assessment Mode, Heavy Machine Components (PC200-8M0 Excavator) Identification Module, and Assembly Process Basic Procedures. This Vocational VR Training provides innovative methods for increasing

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