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Artistic and Cultural Experience in Metaverse: Brand New Identity

Metaverse technology has delivered innovative breakthroughs towards the creative industry; even influencing a new culture on society widely. However, Metaverse presents various interesting experiences of many life aspects, including art and culture. Artistic and cultural experiences are also improved due to identity differences of Metaverse and real world. However, Metaverse becomes a safe arena for any creation.

Generally, art and culture have the same characteristics with technology; they’are all dynamic. In other words, art and culture will always evolve by adapting to the needs changes. Creating a new culture in Metaverse time after time, every avatar user should pass at least three stages.

The first stage is called user behavior construction in a virtual environment. In manifesting the habit, virtual activities are needed so that Metaverse users are allowed to promote the activities’ benefits to the other users. Finally, that kind of habit leads to a community and norms.

The second stage is community leader election, and aims to organize the culture development in the future. The last stage is the cultural refinement. The environment creators who configure ‘culture’ in Metaverse should upgrade the previous culture.

SHINTA VR is a world-class immersive technology company that was founded in 2016. Up to now, SHINTA VR has contributed to various social industries through their products such as MilleaLab, Spacecollab, and Virtual Character System (VCS). These products of SHINTA VR commit to their respective domains.

MilleaLab has implemented artistic and cultural value of learning through Virtual Reality (VR). MilleaLab becomes an absolute educational product that is entertaining yet giving positive impacts of immersive technology towards the educational practices. Meanwhile, Spacecollab becomes a human development platform which is a multiplayer Metaverse simulation. Besides, Metaverse is closely related to 3D avatar as Metaverse users put it as virtual identity. SHINTA VR’s third product, VCS, provides freedom of character creation, for example Virtual YouTuber.

In fact, it all depends on Metaverse users who frame the virtual environments to become more realistic. On the other hand, art and culture in Metaverse are the reasons for them to stay. They have a more flexible role in Metaverse because there’s not limitation of space and time, compared with the real world. Finally, artistic and cultural experiences in Metaverse drive to new approaches in developing it in real life.

The welfare and effectiveness of Metaverse are two things that currently SHINTA VR is struggling for. SHINTA VR is always optimizing artistic and cultural experience to support their mission of creating immersive technology products that are innovative and impactful to society. Metaverse is just one of them.

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