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Andes Rizky: SHINTA VR Offers Modern Technology Solutions in Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023

Metaverse and Virtual Reality are a reality today. These two things are not just viral trends but daily necessities. Andes Rizky shared his experience with SHINTA VR at the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023 forum, held on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at the Smart Auditorium, Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta. As the Managing Director of SHINTA VR, Andes said the importance of technology to benefit many people.

On the occasion of the 2023 Indonesia Metaverse Show held by Fordigi BUMN, Andes became the Keynote Speaker emphasizing that the technology we need to develop is a must-have social value for the life we live. For this reason, SHINTA VR tries to create innovative products that substantially impact society in the form of MilleaLab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Character Reality. The three products cover education, human resources, and entertainment. Everything is constructed and designed based on immersive technologies such as Metaverse and Virtual Reality.

The Andes exposure representing SHINTA VR intersects with the theme of the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023, namely “Be Ready To Enter The Metaverse World.” The theme marks a significant step forward for our society in preparing itself for a massive immersive technology ecosystem. Of course, this is good momentum for SHINTA VR, which has been pioneering the technology business since 2016. Andes said that SHINTA VR is ready and always open as a discussion partner and partner in facing a new wave of enthusiasm for the Metaverse in Indonesia.

Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023

For Andes, the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023 forum is a much-awaited meeting for all of us who believe that Indonesia must be optimistic in facing immersive technology competition on the global stage. Therefore, Andes thanked Fordigi, which stands for Indonesian Digital Forum, under the auspices of the Ministry of BUMN (State Owned Enterprises). Closing his presentation as Keynote Speaker at the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023, Andes brought three suggestions regarding the initiation of the Metaverse.

The three suggestions include (1) Find Problems & Identify, (2) Fast POC Dev, (3) and Feedback Iteration. The three points that Andes emphasized regarding preparing any Metaverse project are planning and budget mapping, which started from research and the target of initiating the Metaverse project. If these stages pass, it is necessary to identify the results and check the process during the creation of the Metaverse project. Once again, the Metaverse and Virtual Reality are today’s reality. And SHINTA VR has proven a real step through the Indonesia Metaverse Show 2023.

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