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Andrew Steven Puika, Chief Technology Officer of SHINTA VR BINUS Alumni Recognition Award

“Congratulation, Andrew! BINUS Alumni Recognition Award is the ‘value’ for SHINTA VR. It appreciates dedication, also motivates massive innovations to be created.”

On Sunday, 30th July 2023, BINUS University's 67th Graduation Ceremony became one of the momentums that proved SHINTA VR’s dedication on delivering the real impacts of technology. As a result, Andrew Steven Puika, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SHINTA VR, has been acknowledged through the ‘BINUS Alumni Recognition Award 2023’. BINUS Alumni Recognition Award is an achievement given to alumni who have accomplished achievements at the national or international level.

The acceptance of the award should fulfill six criteria. First, the recipient of the award should be an alumni of BINUS University who has proven to have some accomplishments in their field. Second, innovation. Third, firmly committed. Fourth, the alumni have made a good contribution. Fifth, the alumni have integrity. Lastly, the sixth is performing community service. Alumni who fulfill all of those criteria will receive an award as a form of appreciation from the almamater of BINUS University. The recipients of "BINUS Alumni Recognition Award" will receive a trophy and the Alumni Recognition Award certificate.

Andrew Steven Puika, S. Kom., received the BINUS Alumni Recognition Award for the Entrepreneur category at the 2023 Wisuda 67 BINUS University event in Jakarta on Sunday, July 30, 2023

Andrew successfully achieved the BINUS Alumni Recognition Award in the category of entrepreneur. The award was absolutely achieved due to Andrew’s effort and hard work in developing his skills in the technology field. In SHINTA VR, Andrew applied the knowledge of technology (computer science) that he learned from BINUS University, TGGS (Thailand), and RWTH Aachen (Germany), (Andrew Steven Puika: The Learner’s Integrity and Technology Industry Commitment). According to Andrew, “I am glad to receive it because that’s the ‘value’ for my hard work in building SHINTA VR from the beginning. It’s such an expression of appreciation. Yet, it makes me more motivated to be better.”

Furthermore, that award was also achieved because of Andrew’s consistency in pursuing technology, especially immersive technology. “I work hard on understanding the technology, and how I could use this technology for the benefit of the people. Consequently, this company is able to keep being consistent in bringing impact to society,” said Andrew. In fact, it is not easy for a person to innovate and make an impact on society at the same time.

Andrew continued, “Technology should help people. Start to innovate by looking through that hole. For the long-term investment, we should be appreciated by many people.” According to the statement, Andrew affirmed to college students that by looking through the hole, the goodwill of technology will be well conveyed as well. Besides the award, as BINUS alumni, and an appreciative and motivational alma mater, Andrew is motivated for SHINTA VR to deliver a wider impact through technology.

andrew steven puika
Andrew Steven Puika, S. Kom (CTO of SHINTA VR), is being explained by the MC about his achievements and dedication at the 2023 Wisuda 67 BINUS University event in Jakarta on Sunday, (30/7/2023).

Andrew believes that appropriate technology is one that should help as many people as possible and even educate the nation's children. “I saw that VR technology can educate children,” said Andrew. “One of SHINTA VR's products, MilleaLab, has been used by thousands of schools as well. That’s what makes me happy because technology can increase students’ scores at school. Besides that, the teachers also become more aware, understand, and communicate better with the students because of technology,” added Andrew.

The notion that VR technology is an innovation in children’s education, which is delivered by Andrew, leads to society’s equality toward the technology innovation itself. Moreover, Andrew invites all younger generations to start innovating to create more massive impacts through technological innovation. “Let’s say I want to solve a problem, and technology motivates me. You guys should try to start from there; what problem do you feel can be solved by technology?” closed Andrew.

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