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Inauguration of SHINTA VR Achievements in the Domestic and International Industry

shinta vr at business matching VI

"SHINTA VR is one of 18 companies participating in Business Matching VI.

A forum for business promotion in various domestic industrial sectors."

The government, through the PPKUKM (Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, and Small and Medium Enterprises) Office of DKI Jakarta Province, initiated Business Matching VI as a continuation of the 6th series on 7-10 August 2023 at the Meeting Hall Block G - Ground Floor Balai Kota DKI Jakarta Province, Central Jakarta. This forum drives the Increase in Use of Domestic Products (P3DN) program, which brings together eighteen exhibitor companies certified by TKDN (Domestic Component Level) with Commitment Making Officials and Goods and Services Procurement Officials within the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. SHINTA VR is one of these eighteen companies.

In this regard, at the beginning of February 2023, SHINTA VR gained a TKDN (Domestic Component Level) score with a certification value above the average of 93,90%. This certification achievement proves that registered SHINTA VR products have original Indonesian resource components. "[TKDN 93.90% certification] strengthens SHINTA VR's position in maintaining and improving services for its products so that they are always relevant to market developments and immersive technology on the global stage," said Andes Rizky, Founder of SHINTA VR. SpaceCollab has officially been tested for its use in cloud computing collaboration platform specifications.

Ety Syartika, Secretary of PPKUKM Service, said during the opening of the first day that this forum was a concrete manifestation of increasing the people's economy, a sense of love for domestic products, and part of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's business development. In addition, Ety Syartika also said that since last March, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has received an Award for Increasing Use of Domestic Products from the President of the Republic of Indonesia as the 1st Winner of the Best Domestic Product Users in the Regional Government Category. Without a doubt, Business Matching VI is a follow-up to the continuation of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's achievements.

"In celebration of the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia with the theme "Keep Going Forward Indonesia", the implementation of this activity is a concrete manifestation of increasing the people's economy, a sense of love for domestic products, as well as part of the coaching carried out by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta as one of the steps to increase P3DN and the Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement (Gernas BBI)," said Ety Syartika. Ety Syartika's statement also strengthened the position of business development in the Jakarta region, namely the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, which also received an award from LKPP as 1st Place for the Largest E-Purchasing Transaction Value for the 2023 Fiscal Year January-July 2023 Period.

Business Matching VI marks how high the 'business progress' opportunity is for companies that already have TKDN certification as a strengthening of domestic product standards. It is reflected in one of the series of Business Matching VI forums, namely the Socialization of the Secretary's Instructions regarding the DKI Jakarta Provincial P3DN Action Plan for 2023, and continued with product introduction sessions by some exhibitor companies, including SHINTA VR (PT. Citra Wahana Teknologi). This involvement will undoubtedly strengthen the prospects for the impact of both immersive technologies in the broader community, as SHINTA VR has aspired to since day one.

The hope is that for SHINTA VR, Business Matching VI can introduce Metaverse and Virtual Reality product innovations that SHINTA VR is working on more broadly and in detail so that it gets a positive spotlight in front of employees or officials within the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. In addition, for SHINTA VR, Business Matching VI is a strategic forum to socialize SHINTA VR's achievements on the international stage over the past two years, including from WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM 2022-2024 as a Technology Pioneer World Economic and becoming the official Meta (Facebook) partner for Asia-Pacific region 2023. Thus, Business Matching VI is an inauguration of SHINTA VR, which is consistently engaged in the immersive technology business sector domestically and internationally, as stated by Andes Rizky in his presentation.

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