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Cross-cultural Collaboration: Japan & Indonesia SHINTA VR on Impactful Mission || A Flashback Series

In 2016, Akira and Andes (Managing Director of SHINTA VR) agreed to share their visions to build SHINTA VR. Since their first meeting, the two of them have complemented and strengthened the values of SHINTA VR based on their cultural backgrounds. However, they have to do various ways for the sustainability of this company. There are times when Akira’s main task is quite absurd, considering that Akira’s current position is President Director. “Akira went back and forth between Japan and Indonesia in the early days of SHINTA VR,” said Andes.

This back and forth between Japan and Indonesia lasted only a short time, only two years until Akira finally applied for a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card). The management of this KITAS allows Akira to live in Indonesia to take care of SHINTA VR in totality. This totality is one of the visions of Akira’s cultural background, which adheres to quality and delivery. While looking at Indonesia in 2018-2019, Akira increasingly wanted to elaborate on Japanese and Indonesian culture to spread a broader impact.

“I think this has created a unique and good culture at SHINTA VR over the years,” said Akira. From a growth perspective, this cross-cultural collaboration between Japan and Indonesia has only finished in the third year of SHINTA VR. In 2019, SHINTA VR launched MilleaLab as its first innovative product for the education sector. According to Akira, “I made all kinds of mistakes in the first and second years of SHINTA VR. But it’s okay. That’s why I’m here now.” MilleaLab has now won several international recognitions and is implemented in many schools throughout Indonesia.

Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes are normal. From mistakes, we learn not to repeat the mistakes we have made. And the experience of learning from mistakes makes Akira even more enthusiastic about developing immersive technology at SHINTA VR. MilleaLab is proof of SHINTA VR’s long research to continue researching Indonesian education today with technological adaptation. If we see the truth, it is easier to solve the problem needed. This side of Akira is similar to Andrew (CTO SHINTA VR).

After MilleaLab was launched, Akira and Andes, Andrew, and the rest of the SHINTA VR team are increasingly curious about continuing to create immersive technology innovations. Finally, a significant moment appeared as a turning point for SHINTA VR, namely the Covid-19 Pandemic. During the Pandemic, immersive technology has become an international concern. Akira knows that SHINTA VR must play a role in solving this global virus issue. So, new product research was started, and then SpaceCollab was developed. Akira regretted that during the Pandemic, he was limited and could not live in Indonesia. During the Pandemic, Akira spent more time managing SHINTA VR from his residence in Japan.

Immersive Technology has become an International concern

Nonetheless, the Pandemic made Akira understand that life allows us to still be able to deal with the mistakes we have made. If we work in the field of technology, then we contribute to solving social problems, for example, through technology. All problem-solving does take different times. But Akira focuses on solutions, not problems. Akira knows technology can make a difference, so SHINTA VR is growing yearly. SHINTA VR is counted as a company that has successfully weathered the pandemic crisis.

Everything needs a process, including unifying the vision of building a company. And unique, sometimes the process doesn’t need to be overthought. Just do it according to your passion and cultural background that shaped you. In fact, Akira was amazed to remember that he, Andes, and Andrew had committed to running and making SHINTA VR an impactful company since the three of them met for the first time. Commitment is one of the critical factors in SHINTA VR’s motivation to rise from problems. But Akira said one crucial thing: “I really do what I love and want to do every day. There is no sense of effort or hard work.”

Akira is a simple person. He does something he loves to give meaning to his life and the lives of the people around him. To his country, Japan – also to Indonesia, which he admires. That is one of the typical Japanese cultural values related to dedication. Akira has gone through the challenging first and second years of SHINTA VR. So the 7th year of SHINTA VR is the year that Akira, Andes, and Andrew have been waiting for. In 2023, SHINTA VR’s mission started its seventh year by successfully entering the global market as a pilot company in the Global Metaverse industry. In Akira’s words, “The theme for year seven is global. Let’s make the biggest impact in the world together.”

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