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Gen Z and Mental Health Education: 2nd Webinar iEDTalk – MilleaLab and SHINTA VR

Education always intersects with the development of the human age. Each generation has its challenges in anticipating changing times, and education is a long investment to strengthen survival in society. In other words, education is still counted as a solution to various problems of human civilization.

The issue of mental health has recently become our focus as a symptom of social health. High suicide cases show concern that, so far, emotional education has not been taken seriously. In this case, we need an educational curriculum that promotes cognitive and emotional intelligence. With these two intelligence, we can at least prepare an emotionally educated generation.

Gen Z is the generation most exposed to mental health issues. This generation is experiencing an acceleration in many aspects of social life, especially technology. Most of their activities are connected to cyberspace, the Internet of Things. Gen Z receives the latest technology intensively, which overwhelms them because internet interaction also demands the same portion as manual social interaction.

Surely, it’s time for us to have the initiative to care about mental health issues. And education can provide alternative solutions to mediate the problems Gen Z faces regarding mental health issues. Therefore, iEDTalk initiated a webinar program to educate the current generation in preparing for physical and spiritual health. iEDTalk webinar titled Education Day 2023: “How To Balance Productivity And Mental Health for Gen Z”.

This webinar was held on Saturday, May 27, 2023, thanks to the collaboration between MilleaLab and SHINTA VR, which consistently supports education. The younger generation is the future, and education is a real investment. We must both admit that we cannot ignore mental health issues. Mental health cannot be underestimated. In Indonesia, with a population demographic bonus, education needs to mediate mental health problems.

Once again, please attend iEDTalk Webinar to celebrate this year’s Education Month 2023. The speaker for this second webinar will be Debora Basaria M.Psi (Clinical Psychologist) This webinar is free of charge. Follow MilleaLab and SHINTA VR social media for further information. See you at the webinar!

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