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Growth Value of SHINTA VR Journey : Branding in Technology Company: A Flashback Series #8

Andes, Andrew, and Wisnu’s journey to develop SHINTA VR in pursuing success as a sustainable company can be said to be successful. One of the factors that influenced him was Andes’ active participation in the Indonesian Virtual Reality (VR) community. As chairman of the Indonesia VR Association (INVRA), Andes had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other VR industry activists in Indonesia.

In the 4th year of SHINTA VR, Andes met Antovany Reza, who is familiarly called Reza, in one of INVRA’s activities. At that time, Reza was the CEO of a VR company from Singapore which was developing a VR business in Indonesia. As a result, Andes and Reza exchanged ideas and discussed something significant, namely the Metaverse, from an association point of view.

At that time, Andes and Reza’s discussions met the common ground. Reza was on the same line as Andes thought. That moment has motivated Andes to partner with Reza in developing SHINTA VR. As a result, in the first quarter of 2021, Reza officially joined as part of SHINTA VR. “At that time, I entered SHINTA VR from a corporate background. The first thing I saw was the health of SHINTA VR as a company. So there is a slight difference with my background,” he said.

Branding is the way to raise SHINTA VR

Based on Reza’s vision of SHINTA VR, he sees the value of SHINTA VR that many people need to realize. Branding is the only way to raise public awareness of SHINTA VR’s values. Andes also complained about this and needed experts to package SHINTA VR itself. “Finally, I think as a shadow CEO or advisor to the CEO,” continued Reza.

Reza first improved the synergy in the Creative Marketing Sales (CMS) division, which previously only combined Marketing Sales. This decision brought SHINTA VR into a company with an above-average value. Even Reza said that “SHINTA VR’s growth has become much faster than before. Until closing in 2021, increasing valuations by 400 – 450% from the previous year.”

According to Reza, “Rome was not built overnight. In SHINTA VR, I didn’t build from scratch, but I built something that was built in 2016. Then I accumulated it and SHINTA VR became what it is now.” Reza said the development not only comes from the material side but also includes the culture at SHINTA VR, the quality of human resources, and the development of their psychological condition. (To be continued)

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