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Inside Metaverse and Why We Do Care

Metaverse technology has surprised the digital world ever since a technology company, Facebook, officially changed its name into Meta. Metaverse opened new opportunities and chances gates in social and business engagement of entrepreneurs, especially in the technology domain. Various significant reasons lead several world’s leading technology companies to dive into the Metaverse development.

As we all have known, our current life is helped due to the internet technological evolution as a starting point of technological advances of the 21st century. Naturally, the Metaverse is a phase of the next level of evolution of the internet of things. Moreover, Metaverse offers a three-dimensional interactive virtual environment which is similar to the real world. A world of real replication.

Metaverse technology not only provides virtual interaction that is not limited in time and space for the users, but also the freedom in digital stuff and services transactions. As time goes on, there are plenty of growing companies that have sensed the immersive technology innovation Metaverse. One of them is SHINTA VR.

SHINTA VR is an Indonesian technology company which has been developing immersive technologies since 2016 consistently. Basically, the Metaverse environment tightly depends on reality adoption that expanded extensively. This realistic virtual world became the major important factor in building Metaverse. MilleaLab, one of SHINTA VR’s products that is found in 2019 is becoming a starting point of SHINTA VR persistence in realizing immersive products.

MilleaLab adopts a realistic virtual environment as Metaverse. The highlight part of Metaverse element is the user’s experiences in another dimension but still realistic. MilleaLab engaged immersively in Indonesia’s education industry by relying on Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

The similarity between Metaverse and the real world is not only limited to the immersive environment, but also the activities in it. The second SHINTA VR product portrays the simulation of Metaverse, its activities. Real-time interaction in Metaverse when the users can interact directly with the other users using a 3D avatar is visualized through SpaceCollab.

SHINTA VR initiated SpaceCollab as multiplayer and multiplatform Virtual Reality for human development, Business needs on virtual meeting or virtual event are absolutely fulfilled due to SpaceCollab. The main characteristic and function of SpaceCollab is one of the important elements to the Metaverse foundation, which is immersive activities. Up to today, SHINTA VR is developing another impactful immersive project that is globally scaled and positive to the wider society. Stay Tune!

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