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Make Your Value Become Gold!

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

A Visionary Technology Company: A Flashback Series #9

As mentioned in the previous Flashback Series, Andes has an assessment of the elements in his team. “Reza is a gold element because, in the end, it must be related to money,” said Andes, identifying Reza’s characteristics. What Andes said was realized by Reza indirectly after a while of joining SHINTA VR. One of them is evidence of the rapid development of SHINTA VR to what it is now since Reza joined as C-Level.

Based on Andes’ statement, Reza said that “Gold marks the process. People must sacrifice time to find Gold because Gold is not created just like that.” The same is valid with the values currently held by SHINTA VR. Of course, it requires a process that involves thought, energy, and time. Reza wants to say that to build an advanced company, and we must respect ourselves. We need to be proud of all the assets we have, as well as our ability to think visionary.

Reza is a person who firmly believes that each person has unique values, even if they don’t realize themselves. “I’ve read many books about wealth and self-development in the last few years. Of the many books, one common thread is how we see something that is invisible,” said Reza. We sometimes look at other people’s achievements for too long without looking into us: who we are and what we want.

Value of SHINTA VR

Through this common thread, Reza is trying to maintain the value of SHINTA VR, which has yet to be seen. “So I believe SHINTA VR is where its nature is. I have to keep the value, not lower the value. That is also one of the reasons why I am never sad because the future I see is that happy,” Reza continued.

Reza’s high confidence level in SHINTA VR’s values slowly encouraged Reza to provide understanding to all individuals in SHINTA VR. Reza always says, “If you believe in your values, money comes to follow you.” Indirectly, that encourages all individuals to realize their respective values and contribute to SHINTA VR. Reza is an optimist. He inspires us that with optimism, we have hope to focus on developing ourselves.

Reza emphasized that every animate and inanimate object has its value when activated. Our job is to realize and develop our values and to achieve awareness in the eyes of the public. “The point used to be, if you see the land, wind, sky, etc., as natural things. When talking about values, we are talking about gold standards,” Reza said. Thus, Reza wants to say that technology helps us to be able to recognize the value within each of us. Furthermore, technology allows us to compete globally. That is the principal value that SHINTA VR instills in every individual.

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