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Meta Collaboration Partner Appointment For SHINTA VR

meta and shinta vr

In 2021, the world's largest technology company, Facebook, officially changed its name to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Meta, mentioned that the changing name aims to become a new fortune that strengthens its strategic position in the new world order, Metaverse. According to that fact, in 2023, Meta appointed SHINTA VR, one of the immersive technology companies in Indonesia, to support various Metaverse technological projects in the future.

Metaverse and Meta

Before going further about Meta, it would be better for us to know about Metaverse technology. For the last five years, Metaverse has been considered an advanced technological innovation that everyone has been talking about lately. Metaverse provides a 3D immersive virtual world. This Metaverse technology is what attracts Meta to consistently move in the technology domain, especially Metaverse.

In this context, Meta works and accommodates its technological innovation priority as a well-known company to intensively develop Metaverse to the next level. The “immersive” characteristic of Metaverse will be improved along with Meta improvement itself in the future. Immersiveness means the users can feel the realistic existence when entering the Metaverse world.


On the other hand, Indonesia has one of the technology companies, which in 2022 has been appointed by WEF (World Economic Forum) as one of the technology pioneers in the world. SHINTA VR has become the only technology pioneer in Indonesia. So far, since 2016, SHINTA VR has succeeded in finishing and implementing over 120 Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects in around 12 countries.

SHINTA VR has a motto, “Making Impact with Immersive Technology,” and believes that developing immersive technologies can positively impact society. Those impacts are proven through schools, government, and business institutions in Indonesia, which helped due to SHINTA VR products such as MilleaLab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Character System. Those portfolios motivated Meta to appoint SHINTA VR as one of their collaboration partners for creating cooperation of Metaverse that everyone can access.

Therefore, even though Meta is a vast and famous world technology company, it turns out that Meta needs some support from a developing company. SHINTA VR and Meta will bring a bright light on immersive technology awareness, especially Metaverse. Starting from this awareness, cooperation between the two will positively impact everyone.

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