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SHINTA VR Company Culture Day 2022: Bond Together For The Greater Good

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

SHINTA VR held Company Culture Day on December 23, 2022. Company Culture Day is a Town Hall moment for SHINTA VR stakeholders. Culture Day 2022 carries the theme FOR THE GREATER GOOD and is structured as SHINTAVRSARY ‘7TH celebration festival. This is a special day celebrating working together for a full year. As an annual agenda, Company Culture Day 2022 is animated by various activities involving all SHINTA VR employees. In short, Company Culture Day 2022 aimed to strengthen the trust and cohesiveness of the vision and mission of working at SHINTA VR.

As the opening act of SHINTAVRSARY ‘7th, Culture Day was opened with fun games such as the Snake Game and the Word Guessing Game. Each contest invites laughter and creates an atmosphere of intimacy between SHINTA VR employees. After that, the Grand Final Valorand Competition was held. After games and competitions, the agenda continued with a talk show with Gilang Gibrathama (CMO, EdTech Builder). In addition, Gilang shared his stories and experiences regarding the theme “Diversity in the Workplace & Why Being Kind at Work Matters”.

In his talk show, Gilang explained the importance of increasing work performance and productivity by forming an open-minded personality. With an open mind, tolerance can be manifested. That is an important capital for maintaining healthy work dynamics the diversity and uniqueness of all teams in a company. In this regard, the event continued with the “Business Update & Company Growth” session presented by Andes Rizky (Managing Director of SHINTA VR) and Antovany Reza (Chief Evangelist of SHINTA VR).

Company Achievements

Andes and Reza presented the company’s achievements that SHINTA VR obtained in 2022. Apart from that, there was also an interesting Q & A session regarding future predictions for the technology industry. Andes and Reza share the business strategy that SHINTA VR will undertake at least in 2023. For both of them, 2023 is a year full of challenges. The interesting thing is that SHINTA VR already has a strategy to anticipate global predictions regarding 2023. This session was closed with some of Reza’s presentations on “SHINTA VR’s Culture and Values”.

This Company Culture Day was designed by the Brand Division headed by Angga Riezky and other committee members. Angga expressed his gratitude for this event: “As the Head of Committee, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all staff who took the time to attend the SHINTA VR Company Culture Day 2022 agenda. This agenda has become a space for reflection and performance appreciation for a year. and then, All employees feel euphorias such as the Games, Townhall, and BBQ Party as the closing agenda.”

Company Culture Day 2022

Angga also added that Company Culture Day 2022 was good news delivered by C-Level representatives preparing themselves for Global Competition. Various global projects have designed and will SHINTA VR welcome 2023. Apart from that, C-Level also conveyed the importance of increasing self-capacity to compete with the global metaverse industry through international projects prepared this year. Company Culture Day 2022 was closed with an Employee Award given to several outstanding employees by polling.

In conclusion, Company Culture Day 2022 marks SHINTA’s first step in welcoming 2023 to preparing business strategies, creating a healthy and conducive culture. A prefix that supports SHINTA VR’s vision and mission of having a real impact on business partners and society. SHINTAVRSARY ‘7TH ANNIVERSARY’ series in the For The Greater Good Festival takes place from December 2022 to February 2023.

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