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SpaceCollab: Collaborative Platform for Human Development


In the current technological era, many sides are competing to innovate through technology, especially immersive technology. SHINTA VR is one of the Indonesian technology companies that moved on to Virtual Reality (VR) immersive technology and became Indonesia's only immersive technology pioneer in 2016. SpaceCollab, one of SHINTA VR products, is an innovative breakthrough in human development with its various benefits. SpaceCollab users can explore multiple real-life activities in it.

SpaceCollab: Virtual Meeting & Discussion

SpaceCollab is a flexible platform utilized for various virtual activities because its technology simulates the Metaverse. Through the 3D immersive world, SpaceCollab provides experiences unmatched by other media. The users can run virtual meetings and virtual discussions with other users using virtual characters known as avatars.

Operating consistently in many institutions and government agencies, SpaceCollab can support various businesses for society. VR technology that SpaceCollab relies on is directly erasing the users' time and space borders in real life.

When we need an instant space to collaborate that can be accessed in the blink of an eye, SpaceCollab is the solution.

Real-Life Activities Simulation

As we all know, many real-life activities are limited to space, even processing costs. One thing from SpaceCollab that is based on VR technology and outperforming the real world is the suppression of limited space costs—for example, aeroplane parking simulation training at the airport. By simulating the activity in SpaceCollab virtual space, the users can minimize aircraft and airfield fuel costs for aircraft.

Those simulation activities can be held instantly and cheaply in SpaceCollab virtual space. Moreover, the risks of running aeroplane parking can be avoided if it runs in a 3D virtual space.

There are many reasons for SpaceCollab to support various activities in the real world, such as virtual meetings, aeroplane parking simulations, etc. SpaceCollab has proven its consistency as a human development platform when immersive technology is slowly entering our daily lives. Social interactions within the 3D avatars, instant real-world activities simulations, and unlimited space creation can be done in SpaceCollab, a practical collaborative platform.

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