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Technology: A Passion for People Development SHINTA VR For The Greater Good | A Flashback Series #5

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Andrew’s love for technology, one of which he proved through his academic achievements with the Magna Cum Laude predicate, which he achieved at the undergraduate level at BINUS University and postgraduate at RWTH, Aachen – Germany. The predicate slowly builds optimism in Andrew. In addition, academic achievement opened Andrew’s gate to spreading a more significant impact on society. Andrew stated, “The main capital is passion and wanting to get things done. If I don’t put it into practice, whatever I learn would be nonsenses.”

Even though the relationship between Andrew and technology is quite challenging to separate, Andrew once also felt hopeless about his passion. “Everything was under control in the first year [SHINTA VR] until the third year; we worked on several projects whose demands and deadlines coincided. I feel an inner dilemma. Because I wanted to deliver as best as possible, but resources were limited. Especially in terms of time and energy. It’s like it’s impossible to make excellent results,” said Andrew.

Andrew’s condition made him aware of his limitations. Andrew thought that working in such conditions, of course, would harm the company’s operational effectiveness. “At that time, we prioritized the business too much. Plus, at that time, I always had ideals about technological innovation. But now I’m starting to learn to adjust to it,” said Andrew.

Andrew’s return to Indonesia, which was welcomed by Andes then, influenced Andrew to commit and led him to achieve his dream. Andrew said, “I’ve always dreamed of having my own business. By fate, I met Andes and Akira. If I work in a company, maybe I can learn a lot, but I cannot apply all of it. Whereas in SHINTA VR, I am free to want to learn. I am free to experiment with anything. this is my playground. I’m not afraid to be loyal here.”

With a strong vision, Andrew started developing SHINTA VR products individually. Interestingly, the three business units under SHINTA VR differ from their central vision in the technology industry. The three SHINTA VR business units are a form of development in achieving their initial vision, which is to become a leading pioneer in technology on the global stage. “We are starting to develop several SHINTA VR products in installments that support this vision at the beginning. MilleaLab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Character System,” said Andrew.

According to Andrew, his journey to pioneer SHINTA VR with Andes and Akira to achieve their central vision is a journey that will be full of learning to prepare for the future. “I keep learning, until now, still learning. Because technology keeps changing, there are also many challenges from the projects so that I can upgrade my experience, “said Andrew. Andrew knows he won’t stand alone. New people are joining. They’re welcoming the spirit of SHINTA VR For The Greater Good.

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