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Dian Rockmad: Being Creative Starts with Yourself | 3rd SHINTA VR WEBINAR

Still, within the framework of SHINTAVRSARY 7th, SHINTA VR held its 3rd webinar, “Creator 101: Spark Your Creativity For Impactful Content Creation,” on Sunday, January 22nd, 2022 with Dian Rockmad (Digital Creator, Content Creator) as the guest speaker. This webinar was held online, and Dian presented a topic of creativity that responded to the webinar theme. Starting her presentation, Dian invited webinar participants to tell about each of us. This is such an invitation to re-recognize who we are before we finally know what kind of creativity we have.

Through this invitation, Dian shared the different definitions of three words with similar meanings: talent, interest, and hobby. Someone’s creativity is related to these three words. Furthermore, Dian said that these three words reflect the characteristics that make us special, and one way to recognize how special we are is to find a role model as a creative standard. By measuring creative standards, we can achieve the dreams we target. However, a creative person is a person who can pursue dreams. In this case, chasing dreams means seeing your potential as best you can.

Dian also said that nowadays, we must adapt to technological developments, one of which is social media. Through social media, we can hone ideas and create innovation through our creative ideas. One thing that Dian emphasizes about creative content on social media is the element of uniqueness. Uniqueness is a major factor that significantly shapes our quality as creative individuals. However, Dian believes that every human being has their own experience. That’s why he called creativity like an adventure. Nothing is instant or immediately so. Everything needs a process. That is, creativity can be created through continuous practice.

For Dian, creative content is not only about art – or not necessarily aesthetic. Because creativity must depart from what we have, it is from us that authentic uniqueness will emerge. Therefore, Dian gave an appeal that creativity is commonplace every day. For example, the way we dress, the food we consume, our usual travel routes, or even something others may never consider creative. All of these examples are materials for creative content. But the question is: How do we start creating content creation?

Dian mapped out some good points which became keywords before we made creative content, including brainstorming, confidence, and ethos do it. These three things will help us decide which content we want to create. Dian calls this specialization the term niche content, which categorizes the tendency of interest in social media, including travel, beauty, fashion, health & fitness, lifestyle, parenting, business, music, photography, food, animals, and others. In addition, Dian also reminded us that impactful creative content has informative, educative, entertaining, shareable, and relatable values.

The webinar “Creator 101: Spark Your Creativity for Impactful Content Creation” closed with a very enthusiastic Q&A session involving webinar participants. Dian gave several tips regarding creative content, including exploring self-potential photography skills. This is because photography helps the process of creating creative content. The last thing Dian reminded us about is the importance of following viral trends. By following trends, we keep learning to keep updating ourselves as creative individuals and always have the motivation to make a good impact on others.

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