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Technology Makes You Humble and Creative Consistent Dedication with SHINTA VR: A Flashback Series #6

Serving as the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of SHINTA VR, Wisnu Danur Wendo doesn’t get cocky. In the previous A Flashback Series, Andes mentioned the elements in the universe and matched them to the SHINTA VR founding team. According to Andes, Wisnu’s personality and characteristics strongly adhere to earthly values. “Wisnu has become a C-Level, but look at his appearance, it’s pretty simple, and his behaviour is funny,” he continued.

In the previous A Flashback Series flashback, Wisnu was one of the first people Andes trusted when he started SHINTA VR. Years passed. Wisnu also graduated from Industrial Engineering College. Wisnu has also felt development after development since SHINTA VR was founded. “Maybe what I could reflect from the beginning of SHINTA VR, like startups in general, started as a small team. Every person wears many hats,” said Wisnu. “Yes, I did work on a video, even though I am a 3D Artist, but that was part of the company’s branding. It should be better, but because of limited resources and time, too,” continued Wisnu.

This limited condition drived Wisnu to remain humble because he ever started something small. Yet, according to Wisnu, being humble is not enough; we need creative thinking to create a feeling of enthusiasm while working. Wisnu is very enthusiastic about getting the job done. “I don’t like seeing people over time, I should take advantage of the time, so I don’t have to be over time. He said that “work-life harmony is very important,” and indirectly, this principle will make Wisnu and SHINTA VR more impactful in 2023.

Process is everything

If accumulated, Wisnu’s journey in SHINTA VR required various sacrifices, from time and energy to thought. But what he has sacrificed bears satisfactory results slowly. Wisnu said, “Consistency does not betray results. Because I’ve been here for six years, from the start, there was a small team; suddenly, I had a 3D artist, suddenly, I had a videographer, suddenly I had a Creative Team. That, in my opinion, is an achievement.” In other words, Wisnu wanted to say that process is everything. Patience and thoroughness also accompany Wisnu in his work.

Based on Wisnu’s experience, we can underline that humility and creativity will increase our consistency. That is, starting a business requires great consistency. One way to improve consistency is through creative thinking (various points of view) to stay energized and humble to create an atmosphere of harmony. One of Wisnu’s experiences regarding humility, creativity, and consistency influenced SHINTA VR and him. “I’m grateful because I’m in SHINTA VR; I can finished my college. Paid for my own life when I was college student. My dedication is high because this company has given me many things,” said Wisnu. Just like the earth, Wisnu is a person who cares for harmonious values in SHINTA VR. Wisnu is an example that technology keeps us sane. (To be continued)

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