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The Advancement of Entertainment Industries: Virtual Characters Development

virtual character system

How we enjoy daily entertainment content in social media has transformed from time to time. All those transformations occurred due to the significant roles of technological innovation in the entertainment industry. One of the sophisticated technological developments today is the advanced technology of virtual character creation. Now, virtual characters as digital entities directly penetrate the interaction limitation between the users. It can be said that virtual characters have experienced specific evolution to bring a more immersive impact to society.

3D Model Development & Motion Capture

However, continuous technological developments have influenced the virtual characters’ complexity. For example, the transition from two to three dimensions delivers a favorable spot for character development. That kind of move allows greater visual fidelity and realism, allowing game developers and filmmakers to create characters that feel more alive.

Moreover, motion capture technology is a succeeding factor of virtual character creation that feels more alive. This technology transfers real-world actors’ expression and movement to virtual characters. Some famous films like Avatar and Uncharted also implement motion capture in creating the characters.

The Emergence of Virtual Influencers

Interestingly, virtual characters are not limited to video games and films only. Virtual characters also involve themselves in the realm of social industry, including social media. These virtual characters will collaborate with brands, music, and fiction or attend offline events to influence many people across generations.

One of the examples of virtual characters that are leveraged as Virtual YouTubers is Maya Putri. Maya Putri is a character created by SHINTA VR, an Indonesian technology company, in 2016. Virtual Character System (VCS) is one of SHINTA VR products, a system to create various virtual characters for various needs.

In the future, the development of virtual characters will surely open many opportunities yet positive potencies for all of us. The future of virtual characters promises more interactive, innovative, and fun experiences. This means that future technological developments will significantly influence the sophistication of virtual characters. The entertainment industry is a presentation forum for this. SHINTA VR is the means that makes this happen.

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