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The Benefits of Metaverse: Things You Get for Worldwide Society

Metaverse technology is an achievement of the triumph of today’s virtual technology for the worldwide society that has no limit. Every technological impact we experience nowadays will evolve because Metaverse facilitates 3D experiences. Metaverse offers new ways, starting from interaction, business, and transactions.

A quality benefit will bring positive impacts to the society. In Metaverse, we can feel the immersive experiences through interaction with 3D objects or digital content. Because Metaverse’s characteristic is immersive, Metaverse gives new ways of interacting even with business partners or employees.

Metaverse disguises the line between the real world and the virtual world. That fact shows the major benefit of Metaverse itself because there is no time and space limit. The immersive experiences are delivered through Metaverse environment and also be developed as time passes.

On the other hand, when talking about digital transactions in Metaverse, we will intersect with digital marketing. Metaverse, in other words, applies the principle of ‘immersion digital communication’, which is immersive communication within the users in a digital way. The unlimited concept of Metaverse has various branches that will grow as Metaverse users utilize it through a significant exploration.

Metaverse’s environment

Metaverse environment can be a virtual office space to arrange business meetings virtually. Besides, employee training sessions in various industry aspects can also be done in Metaverse. Beneficially, the businessmen or employees should have spent a manageable amount of money and time when arranging some business appointments yet spaces for training.

Metaverse allows users to create their own virtual environments for their needs. Apart from that, Metaverse also offers users to build virtual economy spaces when shopping and doing transactions in a 3D environment compared to the nowadays e-commerce, that is, 2D. Metaverse benefits will be more optimal when businessmen explore the potential of this cutting-edge technology.

SHINTA VR is an Indonesian immersive technology company that was founded in 2016. Until today, SHINTA VR has created three featured products: MilleaLab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Character System (VCS). SpaceCollab is becoming its charm connected to Metaverse due to its simulation.

SpaceCollab of SHINTA VR allows users to create their needs in virtual environments. Basically, SpaceCollab takes the role of a primary supporter of the practice of ‘human development’. SpaceCollab provides a virtual environment, a place for the users to interact with a 3D avatar. SpaceCollab usage includes virtual meeting space, virtual events, and real-world activities simulation, for example, directing a plane to land. This technology is the one that brings positive impacts to worldwide society because of its benefits.

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