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The Subtle Art of Spreading Impacts || On Creative Thinking: A Flashback Series #7

Humans are born with the thought to continue their journey of life. That’s why life needs art so that we can survive the dynamics of life. This art can be called the art of balance. Every human being can develop creative thinking along with maturity. Until the time comes, the thoughts a human possesses will greatly affect the career in his productive age. Even so, the formative period has its limits.

Therefore, every career must have a professional definition based on complete thought. Thought is based on the decision to become a person who develops and has problem-solving, at least to live around him. Wisnu Danur Wendo (Chief Creative Officer of SHINTA VR) could see it when he decided to join Andes. For Wisnu, being a witness since the inception of SHINTA VR was the right decision. Initially, Wisnu was doubtful because his educational background was quite the opposite of his main role in SHINTA VR.

“I majored in Industrial Engineering,” said Wisnu remembering. Even so, Wisnu is very passionate about the 3D field he is involved. Andes realized Vishnu’s artistic taste. When SHINTA VR was formed for the first time in a small team, Wisnu did not focus only on producing digital artwork. Wisnu knows that if he only makes works of art, it will be difficult for SHINTA VR to develop as a professional company.

At that moment, Wisnu seemed to find the art of balance starting from his creative mindset. Wisnu’s creativity helps him to see things from a broad perspective. Wisnu believes that this is the time for him to develop his skills in SHINTA VR. Wisnu then manifests this creativity through project solutions that SHINTA VR works on. When Wisnu applied this creative mindset, something was missing from him. “At that time, we didn’t have time to define Human Resources from the start. So it’s out of focus. It affects business growth. Maybe it would be better if there was a plan.” Wisnu reflects evaluatively on the shortcomings that SHINTA VR experienced in its early years.

This evaluative, creative mindset has given Wisnu a direction to develop SHINTA VR fundamentally. In other words, Wisnu thinks that promoting an understanding of the art of balance requires solid corporate management. With managerial optimization, the development of SHINTA VR takes place in stages. Wisnu formed several positions within the Creative Division, such as Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor, UI/UX, and so on. That kind of division of labour contrasts with the first-year phase of SHINTA VR. At that time, Vishnu almost did everything himself.

According to Wisnu, SHINTA VR must have its own creative character in the immersive technology industry and provide good benefits to society as much as possible. However, all of that must start with the habit of creative thinking. By thinking creatively, we can more wisely resolve debates or conflicts. “For example, if a project doesn’t complete according to the target, we need to communicate wisely. Do not let us become stressed or depressed. I feel that during my 6 years of work, if we do something under stressful conditions, we will feel uncomfortable and affect the project’s output. The first thing we must do is communicate wisely to clients,” he said.

Wisnu wants to convey that Wisnu can think creatively by starting with confidence in the passion we want to define in our careers because the profession can be anything. He hopes that SHINTA VR can improve the quality of output and internal teams in the Creative Division through business solutions this year. SHINTA VR’s big step in 2023, as Wisnu said, is the globalizing Virtual Reality. “This is about how VR can become a global and inclusive issue in Indonesia. It’s hard to be The Next Big Thing. We have to create something that looks good for people. MilleaLab–the assets must be better in the future.” (To be continued)

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