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The Time Metaverse Will Be Accessed Daily

Metaverse technology is not in decline or even at the end. Technological innovation must experience fluctuating changes to reach its maximum point.

In October 2021, one of the leading technology companies, Facebook, officially changed its name to Meta. It was then that Metaverse's technological innovation became a sensation among the global community. However, Metaverse is experiencing a significant setback marked by heavy losses to many technology companies. We must believe that all forms of innovation naturally need time to develop into something that coexists with our daily lives.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse can present immersive 3D virtual worlds with an interactive atmosphere. This has led to the fact that users of Metaverse can experience a realistic existence when entering Metaverse. This opportunity has become the focus of attention for world companies to focus on developing Metaverse platform. They believe Metaverse will be a technology product that has the potential to become part of people's daily lives. In fact, it still needs to.

In Metaverse, users can interact with other users in real-time by activating virtual 3D characters known as avatars. This fundamental aspect allows the user to break the boundaries of the real and immersive worlds. Metaverse became a momentary hype that caught the attention of many people. The reason is that access still needs to be made easier to reach.

Instant Access and Hype

To access Metaverse, we need access in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) devices and adequate gadgets. Meanwhile, these accesses belong to the category of expensive goods. The increase in Metaverse conversation was also affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, which forced almost all of the world's population to lock down. However, this pandemic is temporary, which brings people to longing for the real world.

Metaverse as a platform has failed, marked by a few Metaverse users starting to leave. It's the same with smartphone technology in the beginning. Before reaching the point where smartphones are used by almost everyone today, the technology also experienced a temporary failure. Metaverse may become a technology everyone can touch when access becomes easier, along with the development of sophistication. Currently, Metaverse has not been revived. Maybe not now, maybe later.

Artificial Intelligence technology is not a bad factor that shifts Metaverse trend. Precisely with AI, Metaverse can self-evaluate. For example, the emergence of ChatGPT in 2022 shows that practical elements in immersive technology must be put forward. We don't know when Metaverse will revive once the infrastructure and tools have been built convincingly. These two things make long-term investment possible in the future.

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