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Comfortable VR Use for Metaverse Tips: How to Overcome Motion Sickness

One of Virtual Reality (VR) users’ complaints, especially new users is feeling nauseous and dizzy after using it. It occurs because the users are having motion sickness. This symptom occurs when the human brain is hard to process some non-make sensory information such as sensory impairment, both sight and hearing, so the body feels unbalanced. The good news is that there are several tips that VR users can apply so that they still feel comfortable when enjoying the sophisticated technological innovation of VR. This article examines tips for VR use, especially to enter Metaverse.

On a macro basis, we have accepted the fact that Metaverse technology is increasingly supporting people’s lives and applied in various industries to the next level. We have plunged a lot of our social aspects into Metaverse such as entertainment, education, and even businesses. On the other hand, on a micro practice, some of the VR users are having motion sickness when entering Metaverse because their real bodies do not move the same as the movement of their virtual avatar in Metaverse’s 3D immersive world. To enter Metaverse, the users should provide themselves with VR Controller and VR Headset.

Movement mismatch caused Motion Sickness

Those two tools are the major providers of users’ virtual characters’ movement in Metaverse. A movement mismatch between two different realities is the one that caused motion sickness for the users. The possibility increasement of users having motion sicknesses yet rise due to the immersive technological advancement, of Metaverse. It means, the more immersive VR is in projecting Metaverse, the more chances of possibility for the users to have motion sickness.

A schedule setting and regular usage of VR usage can be the first step for the users to minimize the possibility of motion sickness. The tips will be appropriate considering there is a significant correlation between motion sickness and excessive time of VR usage. It is not mean that the users cannot enjoy the virtual world for a long time usage, but their bodies should first adapt to the technology. By this time, users can add more duration of VR usage gradually when the body is used to its virtual environment.

How to Reduce Motion Sickness

The next tip to reduce motion sickness is the appropriate way of using a VR Headset which fits the user’s head circumference. The distance of users’ eyes with the lens of VR glasses should also be adjusted so that there is no significant gap which caused motion sickness. The inappropriate way of wearing VR Headset will be a major factor for the users to feel nausea and dizziness. Because the mismatch of visibility causes the user’s brain to respond unreasonably.

The same experience when we are in a car and then we feel nauseous. It will only stop until then we open the car windows to get rid of it. Try to focus your attention on sight and hearing when using VR also affects motion sickness. Adding a fan in a room where we play VR or using aroma therapy to make us feel relaxed also becomes a solutive way to enjoy Metaverse. Finally, VR users will become accustomed to it through adjustments accompanied by applying the procedures for using it regularly.

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