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Realising Dreams Through Metaverse

One absolute thing in our life is that dreams are not real, instead, our mind is only shifted to another dimension. However, what if there is a technology that can realize your dreams? Meanwhile, the Metaverse is the newest technological innovation and proves that mankind’s thoughts are developed over time. Metaverse now seems to become a human facility in realizing dreams. Metaverse proves to us that the maximum ability of our brain is amazing. Even, when we are asleep, our brain is still working.

A dream is constructed through brain conductivity to our subconsciousness. As the strongest human element, the brain is controlling all our nerves as well as our minds as they should. Talking about verse shifting when we are asleep and dreaming, entering the Metaverse world means the same. The advantage is that the Metaverse is not as abstract as a dream where everything seems blurry. In simple terms, Metaverse provides realistic existence for the users rather than just a dream in sleep.

Basically, the Metaverse is an immersive technology that disguises the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds so that the users can feel realistic experiences. Those realistic experiences are also supported by the 3D environment that the Metaverse offers. On the other hand, the fact that Metaverse can manifest the users’ dreams due to its fundamental characteristic which is immersive.

The Metaverse can present such a realistic environment in real-time without any boundaries for the users at all. In other words, the Metaverse users are able to realize their dreams through the virtual environment creation, depending on their individual needs. The dreams realization can only be fulfilled by knowing several platforms such as the Metaverse that are developed by immersive technology companies.

SHINTA VR as an Immersive Technology Pioneer

Through some of its innovative products such as MilleaLab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Character System (VCS), SHINTA VR has shown its pioneering in Indonesia’s immersive technology industries. In fact, the major characteristic of Metaverse is implemented in SHINTA VR products ever since 2016. MilleaLab is an immersive technology platform that adopts a 3D virtual environment as Metaverse by relying on Virtual Reality technology. SHINTA VR is initiating MilleaLab in order to realize the maximum process for the students.

Meanwhile, SpaceCollab has functioned as a human development platform that has helped many institutions and humanitarian agencies in offering simulation and training just like the Metaverse. Besides, SpaceCollab also provides interaction among users using 3D avatars with unlimited virtual spaces. The thing is that brings SpaceCollab becomes a choice for many business people in preparing virtual activities.

It can be concluded that Metaverse is not an abstract thing, yet we can create virtual spaces as we wanted freely. Metaverse technology has given a huge contribution toward the realization of human dreams that are developing. Up to today, various immersive technology companies, including SHINTA VR are focusing on developing sophisticated Metaverse technology. Since 2016, SHINTA VR consistently improves its immersive products’ quality in order to give positive immersive impacts to worldwide society. Let’s realise your dreams in the Metaverse!

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