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Immersive Technology and Business Integration

Mario’s role as a Business Incubator Manager has led him to become an expert in executing business strategies for technology industries. According to Mario, “[…] in the marketplace, a business opportunity is like a ball, not only containing an opportunity, but also a strategy. By evaluating the risks and how to solve them, we can create beneficial opportunities.” Mario applies the analogy in SHINTA VR.

Mario’s proficiency made him a leader of the ‘Business Strategy’ division based on his integrity. “People who have integrity in everything are the ones who have a future. Integrity makes people consistent,” said Mario. “So,” Mario continues, “The talk more do less people do not have integrity because his words and actions do not match.”

Mario’s combat on two domains in SHINTA VR, business and technology, pointed to his conclusion. To Mario, technology and business are not dependent but interconnected. “People tend to differentiate technology and business, but they run side by side,” said Mario. “Without the existence of business, technology will not evolve. Business won’t grow without technology,” Mario concluded.

Mario acknowledged SHINTA VR as a qualified company to realize the harmony between technology and business domain. “SHINTA VR runs those two aspects well, preparing appropriate technology to society and preparing sustainable business to the company at the same time. They’re completing each other. Without business, the expectation about technology for the society is felt impossible,” said Mario.

Besides, according to Mario, “SHINTA VR is an immense pioneer in technology, especially, immersive technology. This is due to their consistency and integration. So, focusing on immersive industries, we provide several impactful solutions to society.” Mario continued, “SHINTA VR has technologies that impact society because of their dedication. SHINTA VR’s commitment since the day one is developing immersive technologies in Indonesia.”

In work achievement, Mario also achieved his pride through projects he handled in SHINTA VR. “I learned many things through partner experiences with AXA and Ministry of Labor until the projects are done. I am being proud of myself because I can be a bridge between two institutions to have a proper relationship,” said Mario.

According to Mario, creating new technology has a significant function in its development. “We know technologies are various. SHINTA VR focuses on immersive technologies, mainly Virtual Reality (VR). From its history, VR is not a new thing. Instead, today we grow to more mature immersive technologies. Whoever uses VR things now won’t be called a FOMO, but the one (company) that saw any business potential and opportunities in immersive technology is SHINTA VR. Luckily, we have passed the downfall phase,” said Mario.

However, no matter how significant technological developments are, society is the primary side that should feel the technological impacts. In other words, the development perspective of society becomes the pillar of immersive technological progress. When immersive technology becomes everything, SHINTA VR is ready to face it. “SHINTA VR is the pioneer because we’ve started it all before anyone else even glanced at the immersive technology.”

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