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Virtual Reality Learning Innovation: A Meeting of Pendekar VR and Balai Guru Penggerak Lampung

Pendekar VR (Virtual Reality Ambassadors)’s consistency in spreading VR-based learning innovation has arrived at various educational institutions throughout Indonesia, including Balai Guru Penggerak (BGP) Lampung Province. On 29th May 2023, the BGP of Lampung province met with the Pendekar VR community to coordinate and collaborate on succeeding the priority programs in the educational world. Furthermore, the meeting is held to introduce three-dimensional VR-based learning media, especially in the Lampung Province environment.

Before discussing any further regarding the review of the meeting of two parties in the realm of education, it is better to recognize it first. Pendekar VR is a program designed to accommodate the teachers who are members of MilleaLab as Pendekar VR. MilleaLab itself can be considered an Educational Technology (EdTech) platform. MilleaLab becoming an Indonesian pioneer due to the advantages of VR technology in teaching and learning practice. Meanwhile, BGP is a program in charge of carrying out the development and empowerment of educators.

Pendekar VR SMP Negeri 42 Bandar Lampung got 1st Rangked for Innovation

Pendekar VR visitation to BGP Lampung province is resulting in an award to SMP Negeri 42 Bandar Lampung which is Ranked 1st for innovation in the city of Bandar Lampung. SMP Negeri 42 Bandar Lampung win in the category of state junior high school. The achievement can be achieved due to the implementation of immersive technology innovation MilleaLab in teaching and learning practice at SMPN 42 Bandar Lampung. It means that MilleaLab brings many other schools’ awareness to innovate the implementation of VR learning.

Indeed, the advancing technological innovations have proven to support many industries of social life, especially in the educational domain. MilleaLab is bridging the meeting between Pendekar VR and BGP of Lampung province through its immersive advantages. MilleaLab provides a 3D virtual environment and interactive objects that impact the student’s learning motivation.

The students will be way more enthusiastic about learning within a realistic virtual experience in the MilleaLab world. Not only that, but MilleaLab also outperforms the conventional learning method by its easiness for the teachers. The ‘Drag n Drop’ feature of MilleaLab helps the teachers add virtual assets that will be learning content in the classroom. Regarding the purpose of the meeting between BGP and Pendekar VR of Lampung province, MilleaLab is a step ahead of becoming a priority program in the educational world.

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