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Developer Mentality: Becoming the Problem Solver

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Lead Focus: Dimas Taufiqqurahman, MilleaLab Developer Team

Dimas’s passion for problem-solving has become an initial provision of his contributions to the Education Technology (EdTech) platform. Starting his career as a programmer due to his passion, Dimas now stands as a leader for his colleagues with the same passion. Dimas stated, “Facing a problem is a common thing, but it’s about how we react and solve it, that’s what differentiates a person’s value from the other.”

Dimas developed his passion through one of EdTech platforms based on 3D Virtual Reality immersive technology, MilleaLab. “The first time I joined SHINTA VR, I was immediately asked to join MilleaLab. It’s been my own search about the massive Virtual Lab needs,” said Dimas. “MilleaLab is a promising product, especially due to Indonesia’s limited facilities,” he continued.

Dimas’s role as a Product Manager and a leader of the MilleaLab Developer Team becomes one of his life purposes because he supports society through the program he manages. “Creating an application which facilitates human life becomes a challenge for a programmer, and there must be a satisfaction when I achiev it; MilleaLab is one of the examples, a platform where we handle virtual practices,” said Dimas.

Dimas started his daily work by supervising, managing, and listening to all of his team’s problems, then solving them. “I usually check my team’s work, whether there are things to be revised or any problems with their works. After that, I discuss it with all the team members,” said Dimas.

In the process of achieving his pride, Dimas knows problems always accompany him. According to Dimas, “MilleaLab’s features, custom videos and 360° videos. That’s my achievement. We were working of 4 MilleaLab features of MilleaLab Creator and MilleaLab Viewer and finished around 2 weeks.” Dimas continued, “Then, we presented the results to related officials and stakeholders. Quite a lot of pressure and the demands too.”

Dimas’s journey in EdTech

Dimas’s journey in EdTech is not only depends on himself, but an excellent team on his side. That’s why, as Dimas reflected, losing a team member is his biggest challenge. “Any member resign means the hardest one, though it’s common in the work environment dynamics. But, I’d need to set an alignment again to conduct a perfect team.” Dimas’s expectations about Education Technology are slowly fulfilled. He wants his team to feel glad for the achievement they made. “I want my team to be proud about what they did because it impacts Indonesian education.”

A developer mentality becomes a provision for Dimas so that he is settled in today’s phase. Blessed by MilleaLab, Dimas concluded that people nowadays have the same chances to contribute towards Education Technology. Dimas’s stories show that MilleaLab has significantly impacted Indonesia’s education.

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